Our vision is to be a strong, vibrant group of diverse community partners working together to ensure the availability of affordable, quality child care for families in Orange County.

Child Care Connections (CCC) creates efficient and effective community support for the expansion of child care by capitalizing on the strengths of multiple organizations and by centralizing community information and resources.

Our mission is to bring child care, business, and community development sectors together to support and streamline the process of developing child care facilities in Orange County.  

Through our collaboration, we are uniquely able to offer partnership-building, centralized information resources, training and advocacy.

History and Funding
In 2005, the Child Care Care Connections collaborative was strengthened through a grant from Affordable Buildings for Children's Development (ABCD) Constructing Connections, a program of the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) with major funding from First 5 California and is supported through cash and in-kind contributions of participating partner agencies.

There are several types of child care available to children and families.  Our focus is on center-based child care programs.

Licensed center-based care is offered in a facility other than a home, has capacity to care for more than 14 children, and complies with specific requirements for safety, staffing and other elements.

Child care is typically divided into:
  • Infant care - for children under two years
  • Toddler care - for children from 18 to 30 months
  • Pre-school care - can include children from two years until kindergarten
  • After-school care - from kindergarten through grade 9
Separate licenses are required by the state for serving different age groups.